Interactive grammar exercise (prepositions)
from “Dong Yi” Part 2

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   by      for      from      In      in      of      on      to      with   
Madam Yoon (Lady Jang’s mother) is arrested for ordering the burning Dong Yi’s house.

Lady Jang begs her knees King Sukjong’s forgiveness.

The Soron ministers turn their backs Lady Jang.

Lady Jang vows to drag Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing down her.

Jang Hee-jae and his men get fire accelerants and set fire the Crown Prince’s residence. the ensuing chaos, assassins attack Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing.

Chun Soo rescues Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing the assassins.

King Sukjong learns that the assassins were sent Jang Hee-jae.

Finding out that his grandmother tried to kill Dong Yi and Prince Yeon Ing, the Crown Prince is overcome guilt and shame, refuses to eat, and becomes sick.

After meeting Lady Jang, King Sukjong gathers all the ministers a Grand Assembly.