Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Dong Yi” Part 9

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   alliance      delight      demotes      exiled      induction      outcast      overseer      porridge      refugees      reinstates      rumor   
Episode 39: Ghosts from the past

Lord Oh is removed from office, while Jang Hee-jae, Tribunal Officer Oh Yoon, and others are .

Queen Inhyeon appoints Dong Yi as of the Office of Investigations. Dong Yi promotes Lady Jung as the new Head Lady Investigator; she Lady Yu and the two lady investigators but them to lower ranks.

Before her as Royal Consort, Dong Yi finds out that she’s pregnant.

King Sukjong and Queen Inhyeon show their great over Dong Yi’s baby boy. But the soon spreads throughout the Palace that Dong Yi’s son will replace Lady Jang’s son as the Crown Prince.

To protect herself and her son, Lady Jang forms an with an member of the Southerners.

With Queen Inhyeon’s blessings, Dong Yi sets up a distribution center for the starving .