Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Dong Yi” Part 11

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

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   classics      closely-guarded      collapses      continuous      entourage      exiled      feast      frantically      haughty      isolated      mastered      measles      paralyzed      possibility      pregnant      prodigy      reprimanded      retains      seriously      sire   
Episode 45: Geum and Lady Jang

Dong Yi’s baby boy dies from .

Seeing the whole government because of the boycott and protests, Dong Yi pleads with King Sukjong to punish her.

King Sukjong orders that Gaeduara be beheaded and Chun Soo to be to a distant island.

Because of the death of Dong Yi’s baby, King Sukjong her title and position but casts her out of the Palace.

Several months after King Sukjong visits her in her place of exile, Dong Yi finds out that she’s . She later gives birth to another baby boy; King Sukjong names the baby as “Geum” (bright).

Six years later ...

As the Qing arrives in the capital, Geum and several lowborn children get into trouble with a scholar.

During the welcome banquet for the Qing entourage, the Crown Prince — Lady Jang’s son — .

Geum gets by his Confucian teacher for sleeping during class.

King Sukjong and Queen Inhyeon sponsor a for lowborn children in the capital. Along with his lowborn friends, Geum enters the Palace hoping to meet his father whom he has never seen. But at the Palace, he meets instead Lady Jang.

Geum is a who at age seven has by himself the Confucian classics “Doctrine of the Mean” and “Great Learning.”

The Crown Prince is sick, with the that he may never be able to children. But Lady Jang has kept his sickness a secret.

The lady investigators under Lady Jung and the Royal Guards under Chief Suh search all over the Palace for Geum.

Geum gets kicked out of the Palace, and later, while crying in an place, he meets King Sukjong.