Interactive vocabulary exercise from “A Jewel in the Palace” Ep. 1

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   aimlessly      betrays      fate      guilt      Haunted      hermit      injury      intertwined      monk      prophecy      savior      temple   
Episode 1: The prophecy

Seo Chun Soo is a Royal Guard assigned to the group of court officials and soldiers tasked with carrying out Queen Yiun’s execution by poisoning. by the Queen’s death, he falls while wandering in the forest.

He wakes up inside a cave where a has taken care of his . The hermit then prophesies about how his will be determined by three women: “The first one, you killed her, but she didn’t die. The second one, you will save her, but she will die because of you. The third one, she will kill you, but because of this, will be the of many.”

A Buddhist tries to understand and explain to him what the hermit’s means. Years later, driven by and fear, he resigns from the Royal Guards and begins working at a .

Meanwhile, Park Meong Yi is a junior court lady working at the Royal Kitchen. She reports to a senior court lady what Choi Cheng Qing, another junior court lady, did with the food meant for the Queen Mother. But the senior court lady Park Meong Yi to the Highest Kitchen Lady; they take her to the forest and force her to drink poison.

Seo Chun Soo explains to Park Meong Yi that, based on the prophecy, she will die because of him and that she should therefore stay away from him. But Park Meong Yi says that their fates are now .