Interactive vocabulary exercise from “A Jewel in the Palace” Ep. 3

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   bullied      coup      discovered      etiquette      home-brewed      household      injured      misunderstandings      overthrown      recipes      survive   
Episode 3: Survival

After burying her mother, Jang Geum tries to on her own. After a few , she later on gets “adopted” by Gang Duk Gu’s family. She helps out with the chores and in selling their wine.

After King Yeonsan is in a , Jang Geum is taken in, with other young girls, as a “new bride” in the Royal Palace. If Jang Geum passes the test and the training in court , she can be assigned to further training in one of the departments, including the Royal Kitchen.

Jang Geum becomes friends with Yeung Seng, another new bride, who’s being just like her. One night, they begin searching for the Middle Kitchen where Jang Geum’s mother hid her book of . On their way, they meet a new bride they have never seen before.

While Jang Geum is searching the Middle Kitchen for her mother’s book of recipes, Yeung Seng gets , and they are there by Lady Han.