Interactive vocabulary exercise from “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”
aka “Love in the Moonlight” Ep. 13

Cloze test
with time limit and automatic scoring

Fill in all the gaps and then press the "Check" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If the time limit has expired, reload/refresh this page to start all over again, or proceed to the next exercise. (Best viewed on Firefox or Chrome)
   advice      assembly      attackers      audaciously      confides      conveniently      corruption      declare      declares      desperately      disobeys      faint      frustrations      immediately      influence      interrogated      intervenes      jealous      masterminded      nest      objectives      ordinary      patient      possessive      precious      questioning      safety      shocked      sole      surviving      thorough      transaction      uniform      unrequited      wonder   
Episode 13: “Tenderly Goodbye”

Ra On’s mother wants her to leave the Palace , but Ra On says that she has to say goodbye to Yi Yeong first.

For the next few days, Ra On takes care of Yi Yeong all by herself. Yi Yeong thinks that she’s becoming and , but as Ra On watches him about to go to sleep, she says, “There are moments when things and everyday life become .”

Yi Yeong and Yoon-sung meet each other for the first time after the attack, and they why things have turned out the way they are between them.

At the of ministers, Yi Yeong is surprised to see Minister Kim Eui Gyo whom he has dismissed for (and who the attack). But what surprises everyone, including the Prime Minister, is when Minister Jo speaks up.

Ha-yeon meets Eunuch Hong (aka Ra On) and her with and hopes for her love for Yi Yeong. Later, acting on Ra On’s , Ha-yeon visits Yi Yeong at the library.

Young Master Jung decides it’s time to his love for Princess Myeongeun.

The pregnant court maid whom the Queen has been hiding gives birth to a baby boy.

Yi Yeong finds out from young Master Jung who the might be. But when Yi Yeong goes to where the attacker is being interrogated, the Prime Minister .

The Prime Minister reports to the King that the rebel leader’s young daughter is someone named “Hong Ra On” and is living in the Palace. The King thus orders a search and of all young court maids.

Yi Yeong tells Yoon-sung that before the attack, it was hard to see him for himself. Yoon-sung replies that it may be because he’s the heir of the Kim family.

Later, Yoon-sung warns Ra On that for her , she must leave the Palace immediately.

Ha-yeon tells Yi Yeong that he can marry her for the power and that her family will provide him. She says, “I will be your ; you can use my family to fly high and accomplish your great .” Yi Yeong cautions her that he cannot give her his love and that she’ll be “ lonely.” Ha-yeon replies, “I don’t care since our marriage will merely be a for mutual gain.”

Ha-yeon doesn’t tell Yi Yeong what she told Ra On: “I will be . The day may come when he accepts my love for him.”

Young Master Jung visits Princess Myeongeun and his love for her.

Yi Yeong learns from young Master Jung that the attackers were not really rebels. But when Yi Yeong goes to see the surviving attacker being , the Prime Minister kills the attacker. Yi Yeong then threatens the Prime Minister with a sword.

When Yoon-sung visits the Queen in her quarters, he hears the cries of a baby.

Eunuch Kim — the King’s eunuch and the Baekwoon group leader — overhears the Prime Minister telling the King that the rebel leader’s daughter is “Hong Ra On.” He later orders Byung-yeon to take Ra On to the rebel group’s headquarters.

But Byung-yeon Eunuch Kim and asks Yoon-sung to take Ra On and hide her in a safe place.

Yi Yeong sees all the young court maids in the Palace being gathered by the soldiers. He’s when the minister tells him that the rebel leader’s daughter is someone named “Hong Ra On.” When he goes to Jahyeondang, he sees the eternity bracelet placed on top of Ra On’s neatly-folded .